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20 Years Ago the No. 1 Dance Song in the Country Was …


"Show Me Love" by Robin S.!  Exactly 20 years ago, the club hit peaked at number one on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart.  

Don’t you just love the video?  A ’90s kind of gal in a hot red dress — clearly sexually frustrated — trying to keep her virtue in the club, but by the end … she found someone to show her love!  Plus, you can’t forget Robin’s bouquet of hair with one track flowing down the side of her face like a melted vinyl record.  Oh!  And the drag queens lip-synching for their lives - shout out to my old neighbor who yelled at the trade, “Those is men!  And don’t act like you knew ‘cause you already said they was fine!”

Listen to Last Night’s ‘Clay Cane Live’ with Christina Crawford


Christina Crawford is the adopted daughter of the late, great Joan Crawford who became an international sensation with her book Mommie Dearest.  Starting today, the documentary Surviving Mommie Dearest is playing at the Snapple Theater Center in Manhattan - click here to buy tickets.    I only hope those iconic hats above are presented in the show!

Last night Ms. Crawford was a guest on Clay Cane Live (it took everything in me to not call her Tina, Dahling…).  Click on the red button below to listen.  Plus, we talk Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, the Mister Cee controversy and more. 

Clay Cane Live: Episode 69: May 7, 2013

The Hip-Hop Closet and the Shaming of Mister Cee

imageCheck out my latest article for on the Mister Cee controversy.

"If Cee is gay, bisexual or doesn’t believe in labels, I know many like him: A 46 year-old black man who didn’t grow up with the affirmations of today, plus the restraints of hip-hop. Twenty years older than Frank Ocean, over a decade older than Jason Collins; Cee and many in his generation do not possess the tools to identify under the LGBTQ umbrella. Mister Cee is imprinted to be closeted."

Click here for the full article.

"Become the Image of Your Own Imagination…"


Check out RuPaul in 1993, breaking down some knowledge to Arsenio Hall.  

Best quote: “When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you can ever do.”  

This Week in 1988 the No. 1 Song in the Country Was…

Exactly 25 years ago, Terence Trent D’Arby's “Wishing Well” was the number one song in the country.  

Gabourey Sidibe: “Who Hasn’t Dated a Gay Dude?”


In the midst of the Jason-Collins-dated-a-woman-four-years-ago drama — Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe breaks it down like only she could: “Who hasn’t dated a gay dude?”  

Click on the image above to read her full quote!


Kris Kross Rapper ‘Mac Daddy’ Dead at 34.


Opening Night of Motown: The Musical


Check me out interviewing the legends at the opening night of Motown: The Musical.  

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